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~ My Vegan Journey ~

In late Fall of my freshman year in college (2012)  I was challenged to start asking "why?" more often. The first thing I questioned was if dairy was actually good for you. (Spoiler's not.) I read so many books and research articles that I felt like I was an expert on the science behind it and the actual industry itself. I continued to question, experiment, and learn more about the dairy industry as well as the meat and egg industries.


Over the course of the next year I was eating plant based during my Cross Country and Track seasons for performance benefits. My acne cleared up, my recovery time sped up and I had more energy (which is hard to believe because I had a lot of energy before all of this.)  It was my Sophomore year that I connected the dots when I saw the documentary Racing Extinction and realized our personal choices don't affect just us but everything in the world. It was also the first time I saw a Tesla (a little foreshadowing). I realized it's more than just my dollar paying for the food I consume, it's where that money goes and what it continues to fund. 


I went vegan that year for the environment and my athletic performance and there was shift in me, knowing that my actions where in line with my beliefs.


I did not want to do harm to my body as an athlete as well as the beautiful nature that I get to enjoy every time I go out and run. It was time to walk the talk. Fast forward a few years and a lot more books, documentaries and research, the ethical part of being vegan hit me like a brick wall. It was another very important reason to choose this lifestyle.

I was vegan because of compassion. 


Many people misconstrue the word vegan with negative feelings. I am simply here to say...

Vegan = Compassion

As a vegan I am compassionate towards everything (myself, the environment around me, and all the other species on this planet). I'm aligning that value and putting into practice everyday with my actions. My goal is not to turn someone vegan but to help people wake up to what is going on in the world and to be more conscious in their everyday decisions.


This alignment of values and actions is what is going to make fundamental change in the world we live in today.

Join me in living consciously.

Let Food be Thy Medicine

~ Recipes ~

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Tofu Scramble

  • Tofu ( 1 block)

  • Vegetables of Choice (Kale, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers)

  • Onion ( 1 Red or Yellow)

  • Spices: Smoked Paprika, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Salt & Pepper

  • Nutritional yeast, Tamari, and Yellow Mustard, Oil (optional)

How to Whip it up
  • Chop up the onion and saute it with water or oil.

  • When brown add S&P and sliced mushrooms. Add tamari after a few minutes and keep on medium-high heat. 

  • When mushrooms look cooked, add 1 tbs each of chili powder and smoke paprika and 1/2 tbs of cumin. Mix it! 

  • Take the tofu out and squeeze out excess water over the sink without breaking the block. Then take the block and crumble it over the sauted veggies. Turn down the heat to medium.

  • Now add 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast and 2 good squeezes of mustard (1/4 cup) over the top. Mix it all in. 

  • Now take chopped kale and lay it over the top, mix it in and cover with corn tortillas (optional) and let the kale wilt down.

  • Once mixed, enjoy hot in burritos, tacos, enchiladas or by itself. 

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